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The chemical industry has existed since the Industrial Revolution, but never before has it been as vast and prominent in society as now. As the global leader in high performance valves, ERREESSE is ideally suited to supply the needs of demanding applications and extreme service. ERREESSE valves are engineered to handle everything from basic and commodity chemicals to polymers and specialty chemicals. The chemical industry will continue to grow over the coming years, and ERREESSE will grow with it as new products and processes are developed.

One of the primary concerns of the industry is safety, and rightfully so. Many chemicals produced are hazardous, either during production, or the final product. They come in many forms (gas, liquid, solid) and with differing potential hazards (corrosive, explosive, toxic). Many chemical manufacturing processes occur at extremely high temperatures and pressures. For these reasons, the industry needs reliable, proven valves that limit or extinguish the potential for hazardous situations. ERREESSE valves are designed for just that. With ERREESSE valves, chemical manufacturers may operate within the safety limits demanded by national and international legislation. ERREESSE high performance valves are engineered to perform under the harshest conditions of the industry and can be relied upon to deliver dependability, versatility, and reliability at the most affordable price available. Another concern for the chemical industry is that of fugitive emissions. ERREESSE valves hold a distinct advantage over other valve types. Many, such as gate valves, are susceptible to stem leakage. The stem seal system of ERREESSE double and triple offset valves provides constant compression for a positive seal around the stem, which features a one piece type with a blowout prevention ring located above the packing box, outside the pressure boundary, in accordance with international standards.

Additionally, ERREESSE double and triple offset valves present enormous cost savings over other types. They offer considerable space savings, usually by a third or more. Being smaller, they are much lighter, up to ten percent. Space and weight savings are oftentimes critical and ERREESSE valves have the advantage.

In all ways, ERREESSE represents the only logical choice for the harsh, demanding applications inherent in the chemical industry. By offering valves which are matchless in space and weight savings, superior sealing capabilities, and zero fugitive emissions, ERREESSE is the global leader in high performance valves for the chemical industry.

ERREESSE as an international enterprise has exported products to more than 60 countries, and our partners always accompany you around through the dense network.


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