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ERREESSE sets standards around the world. The basic product we have designed has been used for 50 years as a standard of safety and reliability. Our clients have always believed in our products. They know that high performance, absolutely cut off ball valves must come to the Iris valve.

Wide size range

From the minimum isolation valve to the large bore valve ,Size range:DN 3 to DN 3000 (1/8 - 56 inch).

High pressure

The perfect combination of design and material ensures the absolute seal of our ball valve. According to customer demand, the maximum production pressure grade of PN800 valve

High temperature resistance

ERREESSE, can hold 180° C to to 270° C liquid or gas high temperature medium. According to customer demand, can produce more resistant to temperature valve

Provide the best solution for -ERREESSE all over the world

Proud of the high level consulting team. This is also the commitment of every employee to the company. We use our experience and wisdom to provide tailored solutions for different users.

The greatest possibility

Because of our proven modular systems, we are able to cope with any challenges in the shortest possible time. Our intelligent production plan and fully automated warehousing system ensure the continuous availability of all components. Our production efficiency, ensure the shortest reaction time, reduce the cost of production ball valve.

Long service life, free maintenance operation

According to different applications, our valve products are well known for their eternal use. After nearly 60 years of uninterrupted service, our first generation products still continue to be used in many places. Long service life to ensure maximum safety and cost savings for our customers.

Excellent quality

Our attention is focused on ensuring the highest product quality throughout the service life of our ball valves. Each ball valve must pass a series of controls and tests before leaving the factory. Our staff are experienced and responsible, combined with regular factories, first-class materials and strict inspection procedures to ensure that our valve products meet customer needs: maximum safety and reliability. Of course, all irise valves meet all relevant national and international standards.

ERREESSE as an international enterprise has exported products to more than 60 countries, and our partners always accompany you around through the dense network.


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