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Carefully conceived every detail!

Careful planning, well-designed, dedicated production. From the initial drawing design to the final paste nameplate, ERREESSE every detail ensures product quality and complete document management.

ERREESSE products are often cited as a reference when an emergency shut-off valve is required, and it is no coincidence. ERREESSE ball valves not only meet international and national requirements, but also higher than them.

The following characteristics, the standard design features:

Spring support seat

Standard design, spring support seat, even in the smallest pipe pressure, but also to ensure that the valve seal tight. Based on this valve seat design, the seal pressure increases as the pipe medium pressure increases.

Trunnion mounting valve

Ball standard features, the nominal diameter of the ball valve is 3 "and above. In addition, self-lubricating bearings ensure low torque even at high pressures.

Stem blowout system

Several separate sealing systems ensure the sealing of the stem. The design prevents the valve stem from being ejected when the valve is pressed down. This also means that the three seals can be replaced when the valve is opened and closed.

Anti-static design

The conductive connection between the inner part of the ball valve and the main body ensures that no static electricity can be established.

Fire protection design

This design complies with international regulations such as API6FA, API 607 and BS6755 P 2 to ensure fire safety.

Emergency seal

If necessary, in order to emergency sealing the upstream, downstream and stem, we can provide a seal grease grease system.

A variety of sealing systems

Depending on the application, the most suitable sealing system is provided, and the soft seal seal is guaranteed by a plastic seal ring. There are a variety of materials to choose from materials (polytetrafluoroethylene, PA, PEEK, etc.), corresponding to a variety of applications and different media fluids. Plastic sealed ball valves also feature low torque.

Metal primary seal, soft secondary seal (PMSS) metal seal and soft seal combination, expanding the scope of application of the valve to ensure that the wear resistance, reducing the cleanliness of the media requirements.

Metal-to-metal seals Metal-to-metal seals are particularly suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications. They are resistant to wear and dirt.

Modular design principles

For the accessories of the buried ball valve, the modular design principle is used in the design. The assembly part can only be assembled in one position. The two-plane connector is used as a base for additional extensions and attached flanges, and is always parallel to the axis of the pipe. Buried installation of the ERREESSE ball valve, used to install the square of the square groove, viewed from the top of the valve, you can always clearly see the location of the valve ball.

ERREESSE as an international enterprise has exported products to more than 60 countries, and our partners always accompany you around through the dense network.


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